Chocolate Sponge

Chocolate Sponge

Chocolate Sponge

Chocolate sponge-to go with the cute mini baked Alaska and also the mint jelly

Prep Time:20 mins

Cook Time:10 mins





  • whisk the egg yolks with 26g of the sugar (sabayon)
  • whisk the egg whites till you have soft peaks
  • add in the 18g of sugar
  • fold meringue into the sabayon
  • lastly, fold in the dry ingredients
  • spread into a lined lined sponge roll tin (or use 4 small greased metal rings)
  • bake at 170 degrees c for approximately 8-10 mins
  • for extra decadence, when cool, cut 4 small rectangles, or place the discs, onto your plate, and top with the baked alaska.
  • Serve with several mint jellies
  • NOTE: recipe supplied by the Skycity Pastry Team 2011, and was part of the "Baked Alaska" dessert entry in the NZ Culinary Fare Competitions

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