About Equagold

Equagold know that people passionate about food want to use the best ingredients to create something amazing. We know this because we’re lovers of food too.

It was the ‘discovery’ of one of the worlds best cocoa powders that made us want to share it with as many people as possible.

Processed in Holland from West African Beans our Dutch Cocoa powder is renowned for its intense rich chocolate colour and a bitter sweet, deep flavour. Now our Dutch Cocoa powder is used across New Zealand and Australia to create great food.

Equagold was founded on sourcing vanilla pods from Papua New Guinea, buying direct from the villagers in the Highlands and supporting their communities. This is where the name Equa-gold was founded. Our vanilla is grown in a narrow band either side of the equator and sometimes referred to as “black gold”. So our name simply means Equator Gold. You can now buy these A Grade pods whole or try our world class vanilla extracts, pastes, sugars and syrups. All made in NZ to very discerning standards.

Our pursuit of quality led to the chefs asking us to source the best of the best for them.

We now distribute Belgian Chocolate, Himalayan rock salt, Italian Porcini Powder, Turkish Sumac, Indian Cinnamon, Brazilian Tonka Beans, Iran Saffron, Spanish Paprika, New Zealand Horopito… the list goes on.

With so many great spices at our disposal we decided to blend them for you to use - Ras El Hanout, Harissa, Berbere and Speculaas. Our goal is to find ingredients from around the world so you can create amazing food at home.

To do that, you need the best.