Chocolate Crumble

Chocolate Crumble

Chocolate Crumble to go with the Chocolate Sponge, mini Baked Alaska, and Mint Jelly

Prep Time:1 hour

Cook Time:1 hour

Serves:1 person




  • beat the sugar and butter till well creamed
  • fold in the dry ingredients and mix till crumbly
  • pace onto a small sheet of baking paper
  • bake at 170 degree c fro 8-10 mins
  • when cool, crumble into small pieces
  • serve with the following
  • chocolate sponge,
  • mini baked Alaska
  • mint jelly
  • NOTE: recipe supplied by the Skycity Pastry Team 2011, and was part of the "Baked Alaska" dessert entry in the NZ Culinary Fare Competitions

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