Tahitian Vanilla Gourmet Pods 16cm 2 pod Pack


Equagold 100% Pure Tahitian Vanilla pods (sometimes referred to as vanilla bean) are renowned for their fruity fragrance, prune and cherry flavours. These Tahitiensis variety vanilla pods are plump, luscious and oily.



All handpicked vanilla pods are sorted again on receipt and only the best are packed in our purpose made foil packets or tubes. All Vanilla Pods are approximately 16 to 17cm long and will stay moist and supple for 9 to 12 months if resealed after use and placed in a cool, dark cupboard.

TIPS on how to use vanilla pods:

  • Use as recipe requires for baking, desserts, puddings and sweet treats
  • Place them in with fruit when poaching
  • When making Brulee or Pannacotta, place the vanilla pod directly into the milk / cream for heating, when they become plump just lift them out onto the edge of the pot and split them, scaping the seeds into the dessert
  • Keep the leftover skin after scraping out the seeds because much of the flavour of a vanilla pod is still in the skin. Use in other dishes, grind when dry or pop them in a jar with sugar.
  • Here’s a recipe for Vanilla Panna Cotta
  • My Vanilla Pods have dried out, can I still use them?If you do have Vanilla Pods that have dried out, they will feel stiff, hard and unusable. Don’t fret you can rescue the valuable seeds to use later by placing them in a dish, adding some boiling water to cover them. Let them soak and they will plump up again. (Usually takes 24hrs – 48hrs) Then either use immediately or dry them carefully to be stored and used another time.You can also keep them in the liquid and use that ‘vanilla water in jams or stewed fruits

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