Mint Jelly

Mint Jelly

Mint Jelly

Mint Jelly-A nifty little extra to go with your favourite chocolate dessert, and even lamb dish

Prep Time:10 mins

Cook Time:5 mins

Serves:4 person


  • 15g fresh mint
  • 40g water
  • extra water for blanching the mint
  • 30g sugar
  • 1g agar agar
  • a little green food colouring



Blanch the mint in a pot of the extra boiling water fro 8 seconds strain and blend the blanched mint together with the 40g of water combine the agar agar, sugar and mint puree and boil for 10 seconds. add a little green food colour (as desired). pour into small moulds, or a lined sponge roll tin, ad cut into squares. NOTE: This recipe is supplied by Auckland Skycity Pastry Team 2011, and was part of the "Baked Alaska" dish in the NZ Culinary Fare Competitions.    

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