Apricot and Vanilla Jam

Apricot and Vanilla Jam

Apricot and Vanilla Jam

Love it when it’s Apricot and Vanilla Jam time, go find yourselves some apricots at a decent price-or better yet, free from your tree or the tree of a friend and knock up one or two of the delish stuff. It’s not a huge job really if you do a couple of kg at a time and well worth the enjoyment of having a supply of this flavoursome jam… perfect for swapping or pressies too. 

Prep Time:2 hour

Cook Time:1 hour





Time to make your Amazing Apricot and Vanilla Jam recipe Combine the sugar, pectin and tartaric acid in a bowl together. (This will mix the pectin and acid together to prevent clumping when added to the fruit). Place the chopped apricots, water and vanilla in a large heavy based pot, or use a preserving pan, and bring these to the boil. Simmer until the fruit is well pulped. Add in the sugar/pectin/tartaric acid mix. Bring back to the boil, stirring to make sure the sugar dissolves well. Lower the heat so it doesn't boil over, and continue to cook until it reaches 105° C. You can also use the normal jam set test and put a small amount on a cold saucer in the fridge. if it is ready, a skin will form after about 5 mins. There may be foam on the top, this is a personal choice to discard or keep and convert. Either add a tbsp of butter and stir it through... this will mix the foam into the batch of jam; or you can spoon off the foam layer, and discard. Bottle into clean jars that have been sterilised. Cover either using cellophane jam jar covers, or lids that go with the jars.  

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