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Equagold Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder 300g


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Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder 300g

A genuine top quality Dutch Cocoa, bitter sweet with dark chocolate overtones. Processed in Holland from the finest West African Cocoa Beans, it will greet you with it's naturally sweet, but slightly acidic, intense smell of rough chocolate. With it's intense rich chocolate colour and a bitter sweet, deep, dark flavour this ingredient is much sought after by well known New Zealand & Australian Chefs. Dutch-process is a bit more expensive than unsweetened cocoa but any baker will be rewarded with a superb outcome! It is widely heralded in foodie circles as the cocoa powder to use.

The consistent 21% fat content guarantees the intensity of the cocoa flavours. Try this in your next recipe and be ready to be converted to Equagold Premium Dutch Cocoa forever!

Tips for using Equagold Dutch Cocoa

  • Delight in the exceptional chocolate flavour and deep colour of your future baking, desserts, puddings, try this fudge brownie recipe
  • Create intensely chocolate Milkshakes and Smoothies
  • Homemade incredible chocolate gelato
  • Makes amazing bliss balls, don't forget to leave extra for dusting
  • Dust your desserts and cakes for a bitter sweet chocolate note
  • Looking for a extra dark Chocolate Cake Recipe? try it!

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Available in:

Imported and Packaged in New Zealand. Contains: 100% Pure Dutch Cocoa, Fine -Gums or Thickeners, No preservatives, No added sugar-Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan friendly

Manufactured under Halal and Kosher certified, but as our site is not certified for these, we can only state Halal and Kosher suitable.

PLEASE NOTE: Equagold 100% Pure Dutch Cocoa is allergen free as it is processed in a factory dedicated to Cocoa products only. No peanuts allergens or other nuts in the line.