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Equagold was founded on sourcing vanilla pods from Papua New Guinea, buying direct from the villagers in the Highlands and supporting their communities. This is where the name Equa-gold was founded. Our vanilla is grown in a narrow band either side of the equator and sometimes referred to as “black gold”. So our name simply means Equator Gold. You can now buy these A-Grade pods whole or try our world class vanilla extracts, pastes, sugars and syrups. All made in New Zealand to very discerning standards.


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Manufactured by Equagold using vanilla pods Papua New Guinea, this Authentic Vanilla Extract is a complex mix of more than 400 separate flavours which are extracted for a minimum of 5 months. At Equagold our Vanilla Extracts always exceeds this time requirement.


Our Equagold brand Tahitian variety vanilla pods are available in standard length 16cm to18cm. These exotic pods are the preferred by chefs all over New Zealand for their consistency being plump and moist.

Equagold's Supply Contract ensures that the curing process is well controlled delivering pods with a moisture content between 26 and 30%.



High Concentrate 100% Pure Vanilla Paste (no gums or thickeners) made by Equagold is an intense, aromatic and packed full of seeds making it a favourite of Chefs and Caterers.

Better yet, it's made without the use of any thickeners or gluey gums! This high quality chef grade vanilla paste is a very thick but smoothly flowing viscous paste. It delivers the expected flavour and aroma as well presenting the vanilla seeds/specs appearance.



A genuine top quality Dutch Cocoa, bitter sweet with dark chocolate overtones. Processed in Holland from the finest West African Cocoa Beans, it will greet you with it's naturally sweet, intense smell of rough chocolate.

With it's intense rich chocolate colour and a bitter sweet, deep, dark flavour this ingredient is much sought after by well known New Zealand & Australian Chefs.

Dutch-process is a bit more expensive than unsweetened cocoa but any baker will be rewarded with a superb outcome! It is widely heralded in foodie circles as the cocoa powder to use.



If you're not into sickly sweet chocolate drinks then this is ideal for you as this blend is incredible, creamy, rich and simply delicious. Create your ultimate indulgent hot chocolate, mocha coffee, iced chocolate or chocolate frappe at home, any time of the day.



Equagold Spice Range is a carefully selected range of exotic spices and spice blends that will add depth and memorable culinary experiences to any dish they are added to.

Blended in New Zealand using authentic, well researched recipes. to match New Zealand tastes.

Equagold brings the flavours of the world to your dinner table with these inspiring Spice Blends. With so many great Equagold spices to choose from - Ras El Hanout, Harissa, Smoked Paprika and many more. Transform ordinary meals into a culinary masterpiece! 



We also specialize in Belgian Chocolate, Agar Agar, Gelatine, Gold Leaf, Himalayan rock salt, Italian Porcini Powder, Turkish Sumac, Indian Cinnamon, Brazilian Tonka Beans, Iran Saffron, Spanish Paprika, New Zealand Horopito… the list goes on.


To enquire about bulk wholesale product, food service product and pricing please email