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Equagold Agar Agar Powder 60g


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Equagold's Agar Agar Powder is a seaweed product from Germany, and is of extremely high quality.

Agar agar is a red algae, used as a suitable vegetarian equivalent to gelatine. It is a popular product for vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Did you know? Its a key molecular ingredient for setting pearls, caviar and noodles. It has a higher melting point which gives jellies a chewy texture, rather than dissolving in the mouth. It is used commercially to thicken sauces and stabilise sauces like mayonnaise.

Agar agar powder should be carefully weighed out in precise quantities, as it sets faster than gelatine.

Agar Agar is frequently used in:

  • Desserts
  • Thicken sauces
  • Aspics
  • Jellies
  • Used in conjunction with gelatin in fruit jellies such as orange gelee