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Equagold Horopito Pepper Flakes 150g


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This simple little leaf, native to New Zealand packs a powerful peppery punch! enjoy this incredibly unique herb with a zesty, aromatic and earthy taste.

Create a truly authentic native food experience with Horopito (Pseudowintera Colorata) it is only found in New Zealand!

Equagold supplies restaurants and top chefs who choose to use this indigenous herb to create contemporary culinary dishes and to explore local Aotearoa Kai ingredients to add to their seasonal menus. Horopito Pepper Flakes are captivating chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide

Traditionally, the fresh leaves of Horopito are used in Maori medicine, and were also noted and used by the early European settlers for the medicinal qualities. Today it is embraced and used by many New Zealand medical herbalist and Naturopath practices

Tips and how to use Equagold Horopito Pepper Flakes:

  • Wonderful as a meat rub, especially to pepper your steak.
  • Wicked on the BBQ or Grill with beef, venison or chicken
  • Add to taste to meat stews, sauces and soups
  • Bake your own Horopito Paleo bread
  • Use this as the pepper in your homemade hummus recipe
  • Grind it in with salt, in replace of black pepper

Available in:

  • 150g resealable pouch

Created in New Zealand: Hand-picked, harvested and milled from sustainable plantation

Gluten Free, 100% Pure fine food ingredients, No additives, No bulking agents, No free flow agents