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Equagold Premium Sweet Paprika 50g


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Our Premium Spanish Sweet Paprika is certified as the highest grade available. A very high grade, intensely colourful and sweet with a deep fragrance, delivering strong flavour to any dish.

This Premium Spanish Sweet Paprika Imported from Spain this is bright red and finely milled to a silky powder.

Spanish paprika is made using a sweet, fragrant chile which once dried is reduced to a fine milled powder. The powder can be used in the preparation of a meal, an ingredient as well as sprinkled as a finishing touch.

Tips and how to use Equagold Premium Spanish Sweet Paprika:

  • Perfect addition to soups and stews
  • Adda dash to an omelette
  • Ideal for paella
  • A perfect match for seafood
  • Sprinkle over hummus, soup, dips, salads just before serving