Ground Vanilla Powder 20g


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Fine Vanilla Powder retains those heavenly flavours, aroma and seed spec appearance. Equagold Pure Vanilla Pods are dried, then simply ground to a fine powder. Nothing else is added, this is a 100% vanilla product. This results in a convenient versatile vanilla powder. An enjoyable addition to any kitchen pantry, now also treasured among wholefood, raw, vegetarian and vegan professional chefs and a welcome addition to the clean eating home.



20gm Vanilla Powder is equivalent to 5 Whole Vanilla Pods.

Tips for using Equagold Vanilla Powder:

  • Use as an alternative to Vanilla Paste, Vanilla Pods, Vanilla Extract
  • A delightful treat when added to smoothies
  • Sprinkle over your breakfast
  • Has been known to make it’s way into cocktails
  • Vanilla Grapeseed Oil – Make your own – Mix 1x 20gm Equagold Vanilla Powder Pack with 500ml oil (a good quality light oil). Leave to sit in the pantry for 4 weeks and then its ready to use, just shake it first. Amazing with Seafood, especially Salmon

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Manufactured and Packaged in New Zealand, from imported Vanilla Beans. Contains: 100% Ground Vanilla Pods

100% Pure fine food ingredients – No additives – No bulking agents – No free flow agents – No preservatives – No Sugar