Jamaican Spice Rub 50g


This is a complex and pungent blend of 14 different spices typical of the Jamaican region and comprising the all important allspice, thyme and cloves that characterize the “jerk” flavour.



Jamaican Spice Rub

Flavour the thrill of being able to enjoy your own authentic Caribbean fare in your own home with this zesty and fragrant Jamaican Spice Rub

Conjure the Caribbean with this big personality original spice blend that Imogen has created. This is one of four new spices Equagold is releasing in partnership with Imogen from Aji International Grocery (previously from Christchurch)

Tips for how to use Equagold Jamaican Spice rub:

  • Dry Rub into any meat before grilling or BBQ for quick finger-licking goodness
  • Use sparingly on fish and seafood for a delightful and delish result
  • Add to oil and lime juice, mix then “marinate that hunk” for 30mins to 6hrs
  • Meet beetroots best mate – what a pair!
  • Jamaican Lo Mein Recipe
  • Works exceptionally well with cornbreads and polenta dishes

Available in:

  • 50g spice pot & bulk sizes

Blended in New Zealand from imported ingredients. Contains: Allspice, Raw sugar, Onion Powder, Dried parsley, Dried thyme, Cinnamon, Cayenne pepper, Lime powder, Celery seed, Ground cloves, Cumin, Salt, Black Peppercorns

100% Pure fine food ingredients – No additives – No bulking agents – No free flow agents