Equagold’s Heavenly Chocolate Trio


Equagold’s Heavenly Chocolate Trio

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Bundle includes:

  • Equagold Cocoa Butter 500g
  • Equagold Premium Dutch Cocoa 300g
  • Equagold Cocoa Nibs 100g

Cocoa Butter (Cacao Butter)

It’s well known as the solid to make chocolate, it’s the ingredient that’s responsible for consistency and that divine melt-in-your mouth quality.

It holds together at room temperature, this provides that ideal candy and chocolate crispness.

It has a ivory colour with a mild chocolate taste and light aroma

Cacao butter is resistant to oxidation and one of the most stable fats known, it contains natural antioxidants that further prevent rancidity and give it a very impressive storage life of two to five years.

The product is high quality, deodorised (steam method) for the Food industry.

Premium Dutch Cocoa

A genuine top quality Dutch Cocoa, bitter sweet with dark chocolate overtones. Processed in Holland from the finest West African Cocoa Beans, it will greet you with its naturally sweet, but slightly acidic, intense smell of rough chocolate. With its intense rich chocolate colour and a bitter sweet, deep, dark flavour this ingredient is much sought after by well-known New Zealand & Australian chefs.


Cocoa Nibs (Cacao Nibs)

 Equagold’s top quality Cacao Nibs have a pure taste of raw earth chocolate with notes of coffee. They have a satisfying and delightful crunch, much like a nut without the added sweetness of chocolate chips. Cacao Nibs, are the essence of chocolate, packed with powerful nutrients and natural mood lifters. Cacao or Cocoa Nibs are simply roasted cocoa beans separated from their husks and broken into small bits


  • 100% Pure fine food ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • No additives
  • No bulking agents
  • No free flow agents

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Heavenly Chocolate Trio Bundle

Bundle Includes:

  • Equagold Cocoa Butter 500g
  • Equagold Premium Dutch Cocoa 300g
  • Equagold Cocoa Nibs 100g