Berbere Spice Blend 1Kg

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Berbere is an Ethiopian blend of spices, which results in a aromatic peppery spicy mixture. It is the most essential spice blend used in east African cuisine, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia… It is quite spicy and in Ethiopia they use it in just about anything, simply use it “as is” for a dry meat rub or try adding it to help spice up any ordianry dish and savour those complex, exotic aromas and flavours



Don’t confuse Berbere (pronounced ber-ber-ray) with the Moroccan Berber spice mix. Berbere literally means hot in Amharic.

Tips for using Equagold Berbere Blend:

  • Used as a rub on meat or fish where it delivers a hint of curry
  • Will heighten the notes of any slow cooked meat stew or curry
  • Will spice up any couscous and rice dish to perfection
  • Superb sprinkled over salads, chips, potato wedges, yoghurt dips
  • Love Berbere? Then adventurously add to soups and sauces

Blended in New Zealand from imported ingredients. Contains: allspice, cardamom, cloves, fenugreek, ginger, black pepper, and salt.

100% Pure fine food ingredients – No additives – No bulking agents – No free flow agents