3 vanilla pod bean with a vanilla orchid flower
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What is the difference between Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Essence or Flavouring?

There is a big difference between the two.

Extract: a preparation containing the active ingredient of a substance in concentrated form.

Essence: something abstract, which determines its character

Extracts should refer to the Natural flavours that have been ‘extracted’ straight from the source. So Vanilla Extract has been extracted from vanilla pods, over a period of time capturing the natural, distinctive and rich vanilla flavour.

Imitation Vanilla essences (the stuff most of us grew up on) or flavourings are all chemically developed and with all artificially produced flavouring. They give us only a single dimension of the complexity that exists inside the Vanilla Pod. The Vanilla Pod is made from a complexity of several hundred flavours of which the chemical ‘vanillin’ is the chief flavour. Thank goodness time have changed and we now get to experience the real deal!

For a little more investment you have the knowledge that your food ingredient is Natural, Fine and 100% Pure.

Equagold #MadewithEquagold

At Equagold our Vanilla Products, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Pods, Vanilla Paste, Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Powder (more on those later) all use pure Vanilla Pods. We pride ourselves on supplying Vanilla ingredients that are “top shelf” never compromising the quality of the vanilla product. We don’t dilute or add any sugar, gums of thickeners to any of our vanilla products. That also makes them all gluten free.

How Does Equagold make Vanilla Extract?

Our pure vanilla extracts are made by the cold press method. We believe this age old method preserves the full boquet & natural integrity of the Vanilla Flavour through the use of water, ethyl alcohol, vanilla pods and time. The Vanilla is steeped in the liquid for around 5 months. All our extracts use only pure New Zealand Spring Water with alcohol (35% vol) and 100% Pure vanilla pods. We make Single Fold and Double Fold, Extracts using Vanilla Pods from Madagascan & Papua New Guinea. Madagascar grows the variety known as “Bourbon” (the name originates from a time when those islands were called by that name and Tahitian Variety from PNG. Each Equagold Vanilla Extract comes with a vanilla pod in the glass bottle to continue extraction.

Single Fold Vanilla Exract: A single fold extract is sometimes referred to as “domestic strength” and should be used as directed by the recipe. Double fold Vanilla Extract: As the name suggest – twice the strength of single fold.

Vanilla & Cardamon Extract & Vanilla and Star Anise Extract:

We have a very close relationships with some of New Zealand’s top chefs which often results in a ‘meeting of minds and new bespoke product which quite often go to market so ‘happy home bakers get to revel in them too, like these paired Extracts. These complimentary blends have been made for fine desserts and fine dining experience.

Madagascan Organic Vanilla Extract: Use this product knowing that the pods we use are Certified Organic.

Can I use Vanilla Extract in recipes asking for Essence/Flavouring?

Yes, you can. Just use the same amount of Pure Vanilla Extract. The only time you’d adjust the amount (using less) is if you were using double fold.

How do I store my Vanilla Extract

You can store your Vanilla Extract in a room temperature, cool, dark cupboard. We don’t recommend refridgeration.

We recommend

If you’re adding vanilla extract to custard or anything heated – add it at the end, that way you will retain more of the flavour

From our basement family room start up we now have a purpose built factory in Takanini, Auckland where we can ensure only the finest products go to market. We have built our reputation over many years with some of the finest restaurants, talented chefs and happiest home bakers. Equagold is HACCP Certified by according to NZFSA standrads The choice of products you use is always yours, if you do choose Equagold we’d love to hear your feedback and we always revel in seeing your happy endings posted online