About Equagold

From cottage industry to gourmet success story

From cottage industry to gourmet success story. At the core of Equagold’s business and derived from the company’s origins is our vanilla business. Vanilla Direct® started as a small cottage business importing vanilla and making vanilla extract for the New Zealand retail gourmet food market and the food service industry.

Equagold® describes the origins of the Vanilla itself. Grown in a narrow band either side of the equator and sometimes referred to as “black gold”, the name simply means Equator Gold. Whether you choose Equagold’s plump moist pods, pure vanilla extracts or the range of Vanilla syrups, you can be assured that we do all we can to keep the products as pure as we can in our manufacturing methods, and endeavour not to compromise all that is natural in the vanilla pods themselves.

Equagold is in partnership with a co-op in Papua New Guinea, in the Torricelli Ranges. We have a partnership with a NZ family who grew up in PNG, and who are known as ‘one of their own’. The Vanilla is grown under purely natural methods, without the use of any chemicals, and by using any available vegetation as mulch and fertiliser. ‘Bio-grown” you might say.

Equagold Fine Food Ingredients

Fundamental to Equagold’s values is a commitment to quality. In addition, to our pure Vanilla products, we also offer the following:

  • Equagold Dutch Cocoa is sourced from Holland and is both premium quality and affordable. Your cakes and desserts will never be the same again.
  • Equagold Premium Dutch Cocoa and Black Cocoa are both 100% cocoa, and have no added ingredients, and have no allergens.
  • Equagold Spice Range is a carefully selected range of exotic spices and spice blends that will add depth and memorable culinary experiences to any dish they are added to. Blended in New Zealand using authentic, well researched recipes. to match New Zealand tastes.
  • All our spices (and all other products) are the highest quality, and do not contain anti-caking agents-making them 100%, ‘full monty’ products.
  • Equagold Saffron is fundamentally best quality for best value. We source our Saffron from Iran, and it is processed under a strict ISO accreditation system, thus ensuring the Saffron is cured by the best systems, thus ensuring its quality. Our Saffron has a Colour Strength of 240, which is about the best available.
  • All our products are Gluten Free (GF)
  • Except for the Milk and White Chocolate, and Gelato stabiliser, all other products are dairy Free (DF).
  • There are no peanut products on site.
  • Hazelnut and Pistachio Paste products are packed on an off-site premise, thus keeping our major product range nut free

With Equagold, it’s Fine Ingredients, Fine Dining

Equagold’s HACCP Food Safety Programme is approved by the NZFSA.

We are also certified by SQF Global initiative food safety programme.

Equagold Limited has established close ties with the Restaurant Association and has in the past sponsored the New Zealand Pastry Team of the Year at the Culinary Fare.

in 2017, we sponsored several disciplines in the Dessert sections, at the NZ Chefs’ Association Culinary Competitions, and the The Junior Pastry Chef Award.

Company Director, Dianne Appleton, is a member of the New Zealand Chefs Association.

We are very passionate about our products, and trust you experience as much passion in your cooking with them.