Vanilla & Cardamom Extract 50ml


Vanilla and Cardamom Extract is an exclusive fine food flavour from Equagold’s ‘matched’ vanilla extract range. Both Vanilla and Cardamom pods are extracted to form a complimentary extract flavour. Like many of our products they have come about brainstorming with popular Chefs or simply developed with the Chef or home baker in mind. This Vanilla and Cardamom Extract is a great way to enhance specific dishes.
It is ideal as a match with any orange based dessert or baking. A great addition to plain biscuits and cakes…we have heard that it’s snack into hot chocolate, feijoa cakes, added to milky delicacies reminiscent of Indian desserts & petite fours for that decadent treat.

The vanilla component of this blend is a single fold extract made to international specifications, extracted for a minimum of 5 months.

Equagold’s extracts always exceeds this time requirement. Cold press Vanilla and Cardamom Extract contains: pure New Zealand spring water, alcohol (35% vol) and extracted vanilla and cardamon.

Gluten Free