Saffron 1gram Flat Pack Highest Grade (Iranian)


ABSOLUTELY TOP GRADE Equagold Saffron. An intense richly coloured, fragrant Saffron that doesn’t disappoint in pungent flavour. Imported from Iran with uncompromised quality control. A dried hand-picked saffron stigma of a mauve, crocus flower. Saffron spice has remained the king of spices, it’s the most expensive and exotic spice known in the world.

This Saffron is absolutely top grade for the discerning food connoisseurs, an intensely coloured, fragrant Saffron with a satisfying flavour.

To obtain the full amount of value for flavour and money from the Saffron threads, we suggest soaking then for 12-24hrs. You will not be disappointed with taking the extra time!



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