Premium Sumac in 50gm 19 Hole Shaker Pack


This spice comes from the berries of a wild bush that grows in all Mediterranean areas, especially in Sicily and southern Italy, and parts of the Middle East, notably Iran. It is an essential ingredient in Arabic cooking, being preferred to lemon for sourness and astringency.

The berries are dried and crushed to form a coarse powder that has a wonderful rich purple-red colour. Sumac is used widely in cookery in Arabia, Turkey and the Levant, and especially in Lebanese cuisine. In these areas it is a major souring agent, used where other regions would employ lemon, tamarind or vinegar.

Equagold’s Aromatic Sumac is imported from Syria and is the finest quality available.

Tips for using Equagold Sumac Spice:

  • Dry rubbed onto kebabs before grilling
  • Perfect match for any Chicken dish
  • Barbecue – For seafood, make a paste with Grapeseed Oil, Vanilla Powder and spread over the seafood, then BBQ, pan fry or grill.
  • Popular spinkled over starters, salads and sides
  • Zesty ingredient to add to salad dressings and marinades
  • Can also be added to stews, vegetable and chicken casseroles

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Available in:

Packaged in New Zealand, imported from Syria. Contains: Sumac

100% Pure fine food ingredients – No additives – No bulking agents – No free flow agents



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