Hibiscus Flowers Dried 500g


Our dried hibiscus flowers have a lemony, berry and tart flavour. The dried hibiscus flowers produce a lovely deep red colour in food and drinks.

Very high in Vitamin C. It is said to be antibacterial, lowers blood pressure and can be good for minor stomach and intestinal disorders

Tips for using Equagold Dried hibiscus flowers

  • Kombucha ferments
  • Steep for hibiscus tea – sweeten with honey or sugar
  • Add or make dried hibiscus flowers jams, jellies and syrups
  • Plunge into prosecco
  • Scrumtious in homemade cocktails
  • Create hibiscus sorbet, ice cream or popsicles

Available in:

  • 500g package

Contains: Dried hibiscus flowers

100% Pure fine food ingredients – No additives – No bulking agents – No free flow agents – Gluten Free



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