Equagold Pure Porcini Powder 40g Pack


Porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis) are large, pale brown, edible mushrooms that grow in the wild, only the best are hand picked, dried and ground. Porcini mushrooms are right up there with truffles, once you start sprinkling this powder it will be hard to stop. Think dark, remarkably rich, woodsy flavor… once you add this to your spice rack it will become your secret weapon and you wont want to be without it!

Tips for using Equagold Pure Porcini Powder:

  • Adds an extra dimension and depth of flavour to soups, sauces, gravies, stews and ragu’s
  • Combine some Porcini Mushroom Powder with coarse bread crumbs, sauteed them and serve sprinkled on soup or your italian dish
  • Add to flour to create a tasty, meaty coating or glaze
  • Saute chopped vege’s with Porcini Mushroom Powder
  • Sprinkle on meat while frying or grilling
  • Use as a dry rub for a Porcini-encrusted meaty treat

Available in:

Manufactured and Packaged in New Zealand, from imported Porcini Mushroom Powder. Equagold sources this top quality 100% Pure Porcini Powder from Italy. Contains: Porcini Mushroom Powder

100% Pure fine food ingredients – No additives – No bulking agents – No preservatives – Gluten Free

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